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Enchantress Encounter

The Enchantress energy is associated with the pre-menstrual phase and peri-menopausal phase of our monthly and life womb cycles.

The waning and dark moon


The Empowered Enchantress is very good at evaluation of what went well during the creative process of ovulation/motherhood/summer seeing clearly what didn't work well. Discernment, revisioning, and truthtelling are her superpowers. She applies these superpowers to align with soul purpose and divine calling.

Suppression of her powers results in burnout, blocked creativity, PMS, peri-menopausal/menopausal symptoms, dissatisfaction with relationships, career choices, feelings of unfulfillment, low libido, and feeling all dried up.

Empowering the Enchantress is dangerous to the status quo as she can call into question fundamental structures that are no longer working or perhaps never did and through her eyes we can finally see this clearly. She brings courage, creativity, and vitality to those who choose to embrace her wisdom and embark on the journey of transformation. She helps us reconnect and realign with our Divine guidance.

My inner Enchantress rolled a towel around the edge of a steaming pot of herbs and squatted me over the steam to nourish her pulsing wisdom rhythm and welcome me into restful sleep that I had not seen for months. Like an eagle extraction from an almost molten rock on the side of mount doom, there were angelic voices singing to me in my dreams that night. She was the choir director. And the composer of this renewed song. She would not let me go down into the crumble and rumble of chaos that was surrounding me. But she had brought me there for a reason. I needed to get an up close look at the source of the pain patterns that I had run away from. I needed to see their roots and let them burn in the fire of my determination to live a different life. I needed to see what I didn’t want and how easy it could be to slip into the wasteland of quiet desperation. I needed to be on my knees once more in front of the basket of miracles that is only available at the bottom of the barrel.

There where the yes and no are crystal clear. There where solutions arise out of nothing and become possible, riding on the breath of moth wings and herbal steam. There where I can hear the deep rumble of ancient voices from below the cement flowing in rivers of wisdom. There where I remember that I have a ship of heaven between my legs that knows how to navigate these rivers. There at the bottom of the labyrinth when the very life has been drawn out of my breath, everything I thought I was made of proven false, and the eyes of the wild Enchantress whose call I have been ignoring gaze into my shadows and find all that is missing, awakening my desire.

There where I can feel the touch of invisible allies and remember the taste of sweet free river water flowing against my skin, of soft forest floor under my feet, and wild berries staining my tongue. These memories become real once more and all I long for again. My motivation to return to the simple elements of life, clean air, water, vibrant earth, and the fire of true passion, the intimacy of love, becomes a fierce dragon beckoning me to climb upon her shoulders and ride through this world filled with joy instead of dread.

“You are here for a reason” she reminds me. “Your pleasure, your rest, your well being is essential to this reason. Your healthy body is your revolution. Your desire is your wisdom guide”

I sit in the office of therapists and spiritual teachers who tell me I need their expert training to find my way out of this mess, but their mouths are moving and no sound comes out. I have heard those lines so many times before that I am bored. In the silence between us I see the sway of wide hips, the curve of a hairy lip, and hear that enchantress voice laughing.

“Yes, it’s true. You do have permission to follow your own inner knowing. You can feel it there. You can trust it now. You truly are bored of that same old story that would take you down a pre-determined path for a fee. And in boredom there is freedom. Freedom to compose your own tune and sing it silently until all of the world begins to dance to your song.”

In that moment of saying no thank you to the therapist and reaching for friends who were more familiar with the ways of the labyrinth, who knew that the way out is simply the way in reversed, I remembered to say yes to the guidance of this inner choir director whose song was the most inspiring of any I had heard. I could feel how the silence of this song makes it even more potent and alluring. If I tried to teach it to others out loud I noticed they could not hear it and would turn away. But if I simply let the silent notes strum my bones and sinews, theirs would start to tune naturally to the same melody, even harmonizing. Soon my husband realized that my delight was the best direction to aim the nose of our chariot towards. And the structures of life resumed arranging themselves around my purpose.

This arranging has never stopped. I just have periods of doubting if it is truly happening. Now I can hear the song of the Enchantress choir guiding the rise and fall of every moment, even when the columns of ancient temples fall from under my feet, plunging me into the wilderness of broken earth tumbling into the sea, I hear her song guiding the stones and the crashing of the waves. I feel her salt spray quenching wildfires whilst melting my precious castles. I feel her song guiding my voice every time I open my mouth. There it is, moments before a tone or word emerges, her voice giving me a glimpse of what is next. All I need do is let it be heard.

For now the time for silent singing has passed.


If you would like to explore the Enchantress energy more for your own empowerment, please join us for an upcoming Enchantress Encounter Full Moon Ceremony on Friday, July 23rd at 5pm Pacific time. Here is the link to sign up:

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