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Enchantress: Redefining the Light Worker.

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

There she stands, my Enchantress. She is chaos and creativity. She is deaths, destruction, love, and resurrections. She possess innate power to align with what's inside that causes her to die, because death needs her attention. She has infinite regenerative capacities when she, fire and death meet.

Burning, after all is love's path to liberation. Die to the flesh and remember your essence, she whispers. The fire saves you darling, not destroys you.

Let the flames of love burn your pains and the light of your heart open to others.

Meeting my Enchantress is bringing me to a deeper and higher level of sacred energy. I remember to embrace what is innately mine. I can feel my body and consciousness begin to transform as I begin surrendering to and embody the Enchantress.

She redefines the meaning of being a "light worker." The term light worker is usually associated with words like bright, white, pink, gold, pure, divine, bliss expansive, and the energy is from on high. The Enchantress breaks her silence to reveal an alternative light worker to be celebrated. These descriptions are dark, flames, sparks, chaotic, transformation, earthy , surrounded and the energy goes down deep.

She changes my perception about the eternal flame that burns in myself and others. The fire that burns inside of every womb space of every woman, we inherited.

We inherited our flame from our mother, and mother, and mother, and mother, and all other mothers to the beginning where creation burned with such great fire of creativity she spontaneously combusted. Thus, we inherit the sacred flame and become the feminine definition of light worker.

This is what my Enchantress whispers to me.

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hazel grove
hazel grove
Sep 24, 2020

Love this, particularly the first two paragraghs .. ' when fire and death meet' .... 'die to the flesh and remember your essence' poignant words

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