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Finding Clarity in the Chaos




All of these words get tossed around like candy to temporarily appease the deep ache of hunger we all feel for solid footing in the growing chaos of our world.

We cling to, grasp after conspiracy theories to make sense of the nonsense because grieving the magnitude of human cruelty is unfathomable.

We argue vehemently, building life rafts of dogma and righteousness to save us from drowning in the unknown.

We jump into the first shallow puddle of denial we can find to avoid the vast desert of shame that surrounds us and fail miserably to notice that the muddy water we think we are bathing in is actually a mirage and we are just as dusty as our neighbor we thought we left with the blame.

We revel in the relief of being scooped up by gurus who claim to understand and with a trick of breath make us feel as though we belong again, blinding us with their brightness to the siphon tube they are dipping into our own power source to augment their own.

All of this casting about arises from somewhere.

It comes from that place of wisdom within us that says something isn’t right.

It is constantly whispering from the depths, like the yes or no or maybe floating to the window in the 8 ball through the dark liquid.

But we don’t believe the answers are within us. There are too many brighter, shinier, more convincingly loud voices promising us they have the answers we are looking for.

It takes a great deal of tenderness to feel the crust of dried tears surrounding our eyes, the gloppy gel of untouched grief clouding our vision.

We must yawn and sigh and wipe the sleep from our eyes long enough to remember how to weep in order to find our way through the maze of ignored feelings that holds our wisdom locked away, like a lost treasure.

We must find the map to that treasure amidst the broken landscape of our body, marked by our pain points, injuries, and trembling insecurities.

We must find the courage to question the safety of the well paved road stretching out before us by recognizing those stones lining the path as the actual bones of those who fell cruelly at the hands of all who made it beyond this point.

We must question the promise of the promised land that demands we disregard the cries of those who can still feel the pain of the path of death and self destruction we blindly walk.

We must unplug ourselves from the intravenous feed of glittering lies that makes this wasteland appear desirable.

The lies that tell us our bodies are shameful and deserve to be ignored

That our logical thinking minds are the only sources of answers and truth

That the source of life, the womb, deserves no space or time or reverence or tending

That all living things are just there for our endless consumption

That the way to connection is to reach for something far away and separate from this precious Earth

That the divine love we crave is something we don’t really deserve and must repent of our intrinsic evil to receive

When the truth is these lies are the actual evil tricking us into believing

That Divine love is somewhere else besides right here inside our own hearts, our own wombs

Our own Mother’s Womb

Our precious Mother Earth who nurtures us tirelessly

Until she is too tired and can’t help but burn and erupt

And weep hurricanes

To sooth the pain we have caused her

Not because we are intrinsically evil

But because we are growing through the same process of every organism of life

That must learn the value of cooperation

By almost over consuming itself to death

So here we are at the brink of waking

To the lesson every microbe in our bodies already knows

How much closer to extinction will we step

Before listening to the cries of the water protectors?

Before agreeing to spare the essential beauty of the old growth forest temples from the clear cutting operations of human greed?

Before finally dropping the facade of entitlement and holding the emptiness inside with reverence instead of trying to fill it up with manufactured things?

Must we face our own death to rediscover the clear basic truths of life?

Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit?

Or can we simply return to the temple gates

The portal between life and death

Within our own bodies

And kneel in reverence

To the whispering wisdom of our wombs

Letting it shake us free from the lies that have blinded us

Letting the wailing and moaning of our grief

Cleanse our hearts of the sorrow and shame

Letting the treasures hidden in our emotions be revealed

Letting the divine spark at the nucleus of every cell

Ignite our inner wisdom once more

Letting the dams break

The forests grow wild

The animals reclaim their habitats

The rivers flow clear and free

The wind howl through the canyons

And the song of clarity, purpose, and passion

Find its way back to our throats

From where it has been hiding

Behind the quick of our blood

Where all of life begins


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