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Fire Heart

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

My heart is on fire. The blood's circulation of my heart pumping creates a gentle wind constantly fanning the flame. Every precious second the fire being tended to unrestricted and unrestrained. I feel illuminated from the heart. At last, I open wider in a togetherness. At last, I feel my heart open to play. At last, I peacefully bask in the sacred flame, unafraid.

I feel the unexpected potential of the sacred flame. It's like the sun radiating in my chest warming my cells, my bones, my flesh.

Fire, here, is not for destruction, purifying, or anything with hellish pain. No. This fire is the sacred flame of secrets to absolute being.

Tears flow making coolness that allows me to trust my full heart's presence. I'm not cold and lonely. I am always in the partnership of love.

The affirmation I FEEL is safe. The affirmation I LOVE is safe. The affirmation I TRUST is safe.

I'm safe. This is what restores my emotional stability. The fire being tended to by my heart is a way to experience my personal power in the most sacred way.

I love the heart light. The sacred flame. The everlasting light.

Thank you Sama for this apprenticeship. What an incredible experience.


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Jul 16, 2020

Thank you for your exquisite poetry

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