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Garden Enchantress

She wears the colors of roses

And apricots blushing in the sun

And mud

And grasses in all phases

Green, new, lush

Beige, dry, stickery

White, bleached by the sun

She feels the tiniest sticker

In her ample backside

The gentlest nibble of ants

Letting her know she has entered their space

She loves these penetrations

Their sting creating tiny orgasms in her skin

She tends to the garden

With a wild hand

Listening to the wisdom

Of the elements

The ecosystem

The ancient ones whose bones

Have long ago dissolved into the soil

She is slow to call anything a weed

For that would assume she knows better

Than the wind

And the birds

About where seeds ought to fall

She is very clear that she must eat

And have medicine

And feed her family

Her community

So some plants become compost

To feed the plants that will feed her

And the ants

And the aphids

And the gophers

And the moles

All of the creatures have important jobs

And take their share of the harvest

She plants hawthorn bushes

Along the edge of the garden

Letting the city know

This is where the wildness begins

This is where the medicine grows

The hawthorn helps her blood

Have clear passageways

To nourish every part of her body

And soul

That she may pulse with life

Bright enough to create

The exact flavor of medicine

She is here to deliver

The sounds of the city

Mimic the pulsing of life

Inside this medicine zone

But even the motorcycles

Do not rumble as loud as her heartbeat

Do not shake the ground

As boldly as her footsteps

That though soft and silent

Send the rapturous ripples of her thighs

Undulating into the roots of the trees

And as she squats and stands

Up and down with her gardening dance

The waves of her womb’s closeness to the earth

Pulse wisdom prayers

Through the root network of the plant realm

Pumping her ecstatic elixir of love

Into the veins of the world

Breathing Mother Earth’s breath

Into her own womb

Replenishing the ingredients of this elixir

Nourishing an eternal flow

Up and down her thighs move her

Pumping love

Through the garden

Into the world

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