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Healing Menarche Part 3

One of the ways we can heal times in our lives when our needs were not met is to imagine talking with our younger self and asking what she might like us to do now to meet those needs. Here is an excerpt from my upcoming book, The Bio-Mystical Womb about such a conversation I had recently with my Menarchal self:

My 11 year old self tells me how she wants to celebrate her Menarche

Eyes bright with wonder that someone is listening to her heart’s desire

She asks me to set up the Red Tent amidst the wildflowers and edible weeds

We pull the screen tent out of the back of the van and the great red bag with the collection of red fabrics

Velvet, satin brocade, chiffon, varied shades from vixen red to deep burgundy wine

And her favorite, magenta

We drape the fabrics over mats that press down the knee high grasses and pin them up on the walls of the tent

Creating a billowing patchwork of red

An artists meditation on what this color can evoke

We make a circle of precious stones

Place a statue of Divine Mother I made out of clay in the center

We anoint our brows

The base of our skulls

Our hearts and wombs

With rose ointment

And go inside

We dance, sing songs, no words

Just painting the air with vowels spinning out from the womb

She asks me to spend the whole day in there

With her

The next time I bleed

And tell her stories of Innana’s great boat of Heaven

How Innana’s vulva

Could grow as large as a boat

For her to sail around on.

And how when Innana’s grandfather Enke

Stole her powers once

Her powers to see in the dark

Awaken passion in the heart of her lover with the sound of her whisper

Hear the voices of plants

Usher babies into the world

And dying friends out of it


Her powers to transmit healing energy with her hands, breath, and voice

To heal herself with movement and sound

Her powers to weave webs of connection that surround the whole world

And cultivate mutually nurturing relationships with all beings

Her powers to understand the influence of the sun, moon, and stars on the flow of life here on Earth

To journey to the center of the Earth to replenish and rejuvenate

Her powers to recycle emotional energy back into pure vitality

And see into the soul of any lover, friend, or family member to discover the best ways to relate

Her powers to dance between intimacy and solitude with grace

And connect with her own inner wisdom to guide her through a life of peace and ease

She wants me to tell her what powers Enke couldn’t steal

About the nameless, formless power underneath all the rest

That rises up through the Earth, showing our feet the way

And descends from the sky through the crown of our heads

Guiding our eyes to see the path forward

Our ears to hear the truth

Our mouths to speak that truth clearly

Our noses to smell out lies

Nobody can take these powers from anyone if they don’t let them

Enke had to be tricky to steal the powers he did steal

But Innana is quite tricky too.

She arrived at his house with a delicious feast and great kegs of beer

With loving hands and a laughing voice she fiested him into a drunken slumber

The she hummed a joyful tune as she gathered and stuffed all of her stolen powers

Into her vulva

Which swelled up to become the Boat of Heaven

And she sailed off down the river

When Enke awoke and discovered what had happened

He laughed at his foolishness

He sent his porters down the river after her but knew they would never be able to catch her

We sing more songs to celebrate this story

She tells me she wants to meet me in the Red Tent regularly

Hear more stories

Sing more songs

Watch this wildflower patch change through the seasons

And stuff our powers back into our vulvas

One by one

Until we too could sail off down the river

Too fast and clever for any old grandfather to catch us

Of course, my love, I tell her

That is exactly what we shall do


Sama is the founder of the Womb Centered Healing Temple and is working on her book, The Bio-Mystical Womb as well as an oracle card deck to go with it. You can pre-order your copy of the deck and access a work in progress copy of the book by contributing to the Kickstarter campaign Sama has organized to cover the costs of publishing:

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