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How to be an Elemental Woman with Guest Blog Writer, Sean Ching Cheang

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

This article is a co-creation of based on the writings of Sean Ching Cheang, a Womb Centered Artist and Womb Wellness practitioner in Malaysia I delight in collaborating with. It is written in Sean Ching Cheang's first person voice with Sama Morningstar's editorial assistance:

When Five Elements Meets Womb Wellness

"As a loyal acupressure meridian point practitioner, I have been exploring what I am passionate about - Energy , Vibration and Frequency. To connect this theory with myself thoroughly, the wisdom of five elements are WALKING THEIR TALK in the meridian pathways during my practice, especially when I set the daily intention and affirmation. I would zoom in my Zen zone and enjoy the complex pathways around my body. Literally , I become more observant and conscious of the energy shifting physically ; the higher frequency it rises, the happy hormone is uplifted.

This process has helped me overcome many non preferable emotions. I can simply let go.

Connecting this practice with womb wellness, has created interesting sparks in my life. Bringing our awareness to the womb is quite relevant to our daily intentions of overall wellness as this activates our vitality energy [Qi]. The womb is the main source of the energy channel associated with the womb, kidney and bladder. It belongs to the element of Water.

Here is a list of further associations with this energy channel:

Element: Water

Yin Organ: Kidney

Yang Organ: Bladder

Sound: Wooo

Color : Black, blue and purple

Emotion: fear, trust, courage , procrastination

Enlightened food: black sesame, seaweed, blackcurrant, black goji berry

Exercise: Meridian Energy Healing , downward facing dog, happy baby pose, tilt and tuck glute exercise and so on.

Healing objectives: tightening the vaginal wall ,rectal muscle and kegel muscle, release tension and enhance relaxation, improve urinary track infection ,libido, bowel and menstrual issues.

Connecting with this meridian through the element of water and these other associations helps us to start a day with inner joy and maintain a healthy frequency and vibration in the physical, emotional , mental and energetic realms. It helps us to focus on our well-being, becoming more receptive and responsive to what our body, mind, and soul want."

Stay tuned for more posts about an upcoming live event series on this topic. You can sign up for the introductory event here:

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