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I am Love

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

I am Love.

There is no need to worry.

Love, in a world where we are confused, confronted with so much pain, so much expectancy, so much solitude and strife: love is all we need. But what is love?

It is caring for oneself and for others. Sometimes this means holding tight and healthy boundaries. Sometimes is it loosening them if they get too restrictive. For me, I am learning more and more how to get in touch with myself, my body, my womb wisdom; to know what is right for me in any given moment. To take a pause and reflect, and feel – really feel deep down, what is my truth.

Sometimes it isn't so easy when there are other people's wants and needs calling out at me. Calling out for my attention: “Hear me, hear me”. “Yes. Hear Me, then. I Know. I Am Love. I have your best interests at heart. At womb.”

“Sometimes you think you don't want to know in case you receive wisdom you don't want to hear or you're not ready for. But wait. Trust. Trust yourself. Trust Love. It has never failed.”

Deepening, deepening, ever closer, ever closer to the God/dess and the Divine.

We are waking up, Children of Earth. We can see the way we have been living does not sustain us emotionally or spiritually. Disconnected from Nature and each other and even from ourselves. Our True Nature.. as Divine Beings of Light and Love, connected with the All.


How did we become so disconnected? By listening to others instead of our own wisdom. By listening to lies and half-truths about the way things are.

But we can return. We can return to the beauty of the natural world. And the Love of our Mother. Our dear, sweet Mother Earth. Beautiful and forgiving. She has no need or desire to punish us for our wrongs – just to call us back home to Love. Love for ourselves, love for each other, love for all the beautiful creatures we share the planet with.

And we can. And we will.

All it takes is a little hope, a little trust and some forgiveness. Then we shall be rich again. Rich in wonder and magic. Rich in beauty and splendour. For this planet and our lives are truly magical.

We can be there for ourselves and we can be there for each other, as we awaken, one by one, by listening to the voice of Love. The voice of Love and Truth within our beings.

And we will grieve. We will grieve when we remember what we have done. All those who have suffered: bird, animal, tree, forest, insect, human, mountain, lizard... So many have suffered and we grieve for them and for our powerlessness to change it.. Until the time was right for everyone to begin their awakening journey. To remember who they are – who they truly are – and how much power we have.

If we can imagine it, we can create it. As I was reminding my 7 year old daughter today, to accomplish anything, we just need Imagination, Focus and Intention.

Never forget how powerful you are, and that together we can create and recreate the magic that is Love.

Love is Life. Love is One. We are One and Love is All.

We can do it. And we ARE doing it. We are the Ones we have been waiting for.


Thankyou to the Stones in particular, and to Owl for awakening me to this wisdom. And Thankyou to our dear beautiful Mother Earth and all her creatures.


This post was birthed during a recent Writing from the Womb session with Sama

With love, for love, and to love,

Naomy Raven.

About Naomy: I work with magical and healing sound and movement, helping you find your true voice. Expressing that which needs to be released, kindly, gently and supported and calling in your magic and healing power; connecting your heart, soul and womb wisdom for greater creativity, joy and purpose; calling in peace, fun, joy and bliss as you step more and more into your power.

Having done a lot of environmental work and healing for the Earth, I came to know that as we heal ourselves we heal the Earth and as we heal the Earth we heal ourselves. Close to my heart is conscious parenting: tools for connection based parenting and enabling true self care and healing in order to deal with old trauma and triggers, healing the ancestral line so that we can be more present and so that we and our chidren can grow up happier and more empowered. More info can be found here

I was blessed to have been an apprentice for the last 13moons with Sama Morningstar where not only have I been on a deep journey of healing I have also been encouraged and supported to further develop my gifts and healing work for others. For info on the Apprenticeship please see

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2 Kommentare

11. Sept. 2020

Thank you for this beautiful love medicine❤❤❤

Gefällt mir

30. Aug. 2020

Beautiful! Thank you for this potent love meditation.

Gefällt mir
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