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Letting Go into the Currents of Time

This week I have experienced several people who are involved with the Bio-Mystical Womb apprenticeship program come to me with concerns about things in their life or circumstances hindering their ability to engage with the program like they imagined it was necessary to in order to be successful at the program.

With each one, I remind them of the approach I have been encouraging them to take since the beginning that is easy to describe, yet hard to implement under the influence of systems that are constantly pressuring us to perform and succeed. The approach I encourage in myself and everyone I engage with is to find ways to depressurize ourselves and release ourselves from the secret performance mandates that are causing us so much stress and strain. This requires continual unveiling of these secret mandates and agreements, even amidst agreements we thought were clear.

An example of this I have been working on with myself is unveiling the mandate to be on time to everything. If we look at the underlying whys and hows of this mandate, we start to question its benefits. Of course, if we are trying to meet someone at a particular time to do a particular task in a particular timeframe and we have our days filled up with appointments like this, then timeliness becomes more important. I have discovered, however, that this is not how I want to live my life. My gifts do not fit into pre-ordained time slots. I might plan on doing a process with someone that is supposed to take an hour, but something else that is essential to complete that process might come up that takes more time than that.

As a massage therapist at spas where starting and finishing on time is essential and clients complain bitterly if they receive less than the amount of minutes of your attention than they paid for (they don’t complain so much if they receive more minutes though) there is little recognition of the fact that often the biological and energetic healing process has it’s own timing. I have had many experiences of the session feeling complete long before the clock says it is and struggling to go through the motions without disrupting the process for the remaining minutes. And I have also had many experiences of the time flying by as the process stretches out to the horizon and looking at the clock and needing to abruptly end in the middle of infinity.

Time changes shape and size when we are dancing between the physical, energetic, emotional, and spiritual realms. This is why so many indigenous cultures have such a different relationship to it, especially when it comes to healing or ceremonial gatherings. They start when everyone arrives and the time is right to begin. It seems the production based relationship to time, in which we must all arrive on the minute agreed upon and end at the pre-ordained time keeps us marching in rhythm to a profit making machine that benefits a very few people financially yet harms everyone physically, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually by not allowing room for the spontaneous unfolding and celebration of life.

So as the participants in my Bio-Mystical Womb apprenticeship program keep coming to me worried that the things that are spontaneously unfolding in their life are getting in the way of ‘keeping up’ with the program, I am continually looking for more ways to share with them about a different approach that I am encouraging them to embrace.

Even though, for organizational purposes, I have structured the program along a timeline that corresponds to seasons of our lives, nature, our menstrual cycles, and the moon, it is by no means meant for them to conform their life to this structure. No timeline or structure imposed from the outside can truly meet the mysterious timing of our individual healing processes. So my intention is to offer this program as a buffet of support resources and inspirations that each apprentice can partake of based on their inner guidance about what would be best for them at any given time.

I am fully aware of how difficult it is to free ourselves from the linear time structures of the academic learning model in which each prior step must be completed by a due date before the next step can be embarked upon. But this is simply not how healing takes place. So part of the healing that is going on in this program is this liberation from the academic model and recognition of our internal guidance systems that are providing just the right pacing for our process.

The circumstances and situations in our lives are influencing our inner guidance in every moment of every day and vice-versa as the choices we make influence how our circumstances change. Those who choose to undertake a period of 13 months of guided focus on Bio-Mystical Womb healing practices step into a powerful river of energy that immediately starts influencing their lives and their inner guidance. So just the decision to join this journey can start producing powerful changes in a person’s life that might require all of their attention, leaving little to no time to engage in the practices presented in the program buffet. They are there to support and nurture us through the process, but they are not required for the process to take place.

So the idea of ‘keeping up with the program’ feels a bit like trying to run down the river, fighting the current to stay standing, when the easier thing would be to simply rest into the current and let it carry us along. But this can take some time and practice to learn. We have been so long indoctrinated into the model of controlling the flow of time towards greater productivity that it has become difficult to trust that anything of value will happen if we are not doing that. So a structured program can be a good way to begin to feel the possibilities of a different way of living, but once the currents of change get strong enough, we can let them sweep us off of our feet and recognize that this is the program and it is carrying us along just fine.

If you would like to learn more about the Bio-Mystical Womb Apprenticeship program, and perhaps join us for an intro Re-Mothering Ceremony, you can sign up below.


Sama Morningstar is the Founder of the Womb Centered Healing Temple and Facilitator of the Bio-Mystical Womb Apprenticeship. You can learn more by joining her for a free introductory Re-Mothering Ceremony by signing up here:

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I love this because it is all about our natural flow in the river of life that is uniquely our own guided only by our spirit. I have found in my life that it took a long time for me to listen to my own guidance and even longer to wade through the inherited guidance from broken spirits in pain and fear of lives long ago past but connected still to me. Bringing healing to these guiding voices is very freeing and eases my flow.

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