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Listen to the Whisper

For my whole career as a psychology student, massage therapist, and yoga instructor, I looked up to people I studied from who had developed their own healing modality. I always wondered what it took to do that and dreamed that perhaps one day I would develop my own modality. My first massage teacher, Judy Phillips, would say ‘You don’t start doing your true life’s work until you are 50. Everything before then is preparation.” Well I turned 50 in December of 2020 and guess what? I have created a unique holistic healing modality called Bio-Mystical Womb Healing! I have been in the process of writing books about what it entails and hosting the first 13 month apprenticeship programs with students, some of whom are becoming certified practitioners!

Reflecting today on how I got from wondering, wishing, and dreaming, to actually having folks enrolled in my program, I am realizing that I simply never stopped listening to that whisper of wisdom guiding me from within. That whisper pointed to an impulse to gather all of the practices that I needed to learn to address my own wounding and witness how they all come together to become something unique and new. That whisper invited me to cherish every revelation, every liberation, every moment of clarity. That whisper reminded me that each of these treasures have been planted like seeds in the fertile soil of my life and now I can share the riotous blossoming and ripening fruits of this symphony of experience.

Sometimes that whisper has grown to a roar, often taking the form of a health issue or difficult circumstance that demanded my undivided attention. And it was not always easy to determine which voice clamouring for my attention inside was the one to follow. But looking back on all of the twists in the road, I realize that my inner wisdom would have guided me here anyway, recentering like GPS, even if I took a detour. That inner voice is persistent and kept guiding me, no matter what.

So my message to share today is to listen to the whisper, that inner voice of wisdom. I call it Womb Listening now, as I have learned to recognize the womb as that embodied, intuitive source of inner knowing that many call a gut feeling. But whatever you call that voice that persistently guides you towards your soul purpose, towards the fulfillment of your dreams, I encourage you to listen.


Sama Morningstar is the founder of the Womb Centered Healing Temple. If you would like to be notified when new blog posts, podcasts episodes, and other offerings are available and receive a free Womb Listening MP3 meditation, please subscribe to the Womb Centered Healing Temple Newsletter here:

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