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Medicine Painting with White Deer "Belowodje"

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

After I observed a lump growing in my right breast for the last two months, I decided to visit my gynecologist a week ago, who sent me to a radiologist for a mammography. This was my first one and so painful that I feel that it gave me some trauma itself. I nearly fainted and had to lie down for 30 minutes or longer. The radiologist found out that the lumps are calcifications and she would recommend to have a biopsy done. Of course, even the thought of going to hospital left me all worried and esp. my grief and fear of having lost my mother to caner started to crop up. I have never been to a hospital in my whole life for treatment yet, but have horrible memories of my mother who suffered from three sorts of cancer and how she was treated there.

Luckily I have been learning so much about my self healing powers through the 13 Moon Bio Mystical Apprenticeship and Intentional Creativity, Soul based Coaching as well as sacred embroidery arts. After I posted about my concerns in Facebook, I receive so much helpful advice and support. My teacher of Womb Healing and Founder of the Womb centered Healing Temple Sama Morningstar, gave me advice on how to make my own recipes for some healing brew that helps with purification and cleansing. While another Womb Sister gave great advice about teas and herbs that helped her overcome and heal breast cancer.

Only a few days later, my teacher of Intentional Creativity, Shiloh Sophia, offered a Medicine Painting Retreat “Riding the Wave” that my Soul and Womb immediately responded to. During this Healing Painting Retreat, the White Deer Belowodje appeared. Belowodje translated from Russian means “white land” and is said in legends to be around the sacred mountain Belukha that I visited in 2018 with Shaman Ahamkara. I am currently doing a 12 months Siberian Shamanism Education with him and synchronically we are currently doing rituals with Mother Earth Umaj from Siberian / Tengriism background. Her main Spirit is the deer and I felt very connected to her and to white deer Belowodje when he appeared. Here in my painting about the four main deities of Siberian Shamanism, you can see Umai and her spirit animal the deer in the south.

Like in a Shamanic Journey, I traveled to World Tree like the one in the movie Avatar, all shiny and full of magic. In the movie this tree is called “Tree of Souls”:

When I stood next to the tree full of awe about this magnificent beauty, the White Deer appeared and telepathically asked me to follow to a sacred fountain and waters.I sensed those were holy waters from Belukha and the legendary Belowdje lands where it said that a very highly developed civilisation used to exist long time ago. In Tibetan tradition this land is also known and Shambala. I write the following in my book “The Wyrding Way: the mysterious art of weaving your own destiny”:

Ever since I read the book “Entering the Circle” by Olga Karidithi which describes Shamnism and the holy mountain “Belukha“, I heard an inner calling to go there. It is said that a very old civilisation lived there called “Belowodia or Shambhala“:. A passage in the book reads: “I had heard many legends about this place “Belovodje”, which means the land of white water. It was said to be a mystical, hidden country that had been found and entered only by a chosen few. It was believed by many to be somewhere in the Altai Mountains. Some people believe that Belovodje is another name for Shambala, a sacred country spoken of in many Indian and Tibetan myths....Did you know that even the Dalai Lama recently said that he believed Shambala to be somewhere in the Altai?” (p.77).

A picture of sacred mountain Belukha from distance that I took in 2018

This and the picture below were taken by Shaman Ahamkara

When the White Deer Belowodje brought me to the sacred waters, I immediately drunk from the fountain and bathed in the waters with my whole body and head under water.It felt like all lumps and everything that not serves me was washed away. White Deer confirmed that now all my calcifications are washed away with those holy waters and that he takes up the lumps telepathically into his antlers and sends them into Source. That is why I painted this process of a spiral above his antlers, beaming everything up and back to Source. With Ingwaz runes around his head to seed healing and the Algiz runes around his body for magnetising divine energies into the physical body and Uruz runes at the bottom for grounding in my own self healing powers.

Furthermore he told me to eat lost of ginger and continue to drink lots of it together with fresh lemon water which I do every morning already. Ginger looks like his antlers and is best medicine for me.

Hence I painted my medicine painting depicting Belowodje who now hangs next to my bed, always close and remembering me that he is by my side. I can just call him and meet him at the same sacred place where we met at the first time, around the magical Soul World Tree.

It feels like my lumps have been truly healed and if I shall feel them coming back, then I can call on Belowodje and my own connection to Source and continue to send them like through spirals into the light. It feels easy and fun to be on a healing journey like that. I feel optimistic, hopeful and very protected. I cannot recommend Shamanic Journeying,right herbs and nutrition, the help of Spirit Guides and Intentional Creativity in form of Ritual Painting enough.

Get in touch with me if you like to paint your own Medicine Painting or practice some sacred embroidery or handcrafts with me:

Many blessings, blagadaru.

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Nov 27, 2020

I can feel the healing energy of this painting. So beautiful.

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