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Men suffer from Womb Trauma as much as , if not more than Women

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

It is just more deeply hidden.

Given the expanded definition of Womb Trauma I have explored in previous posts that talk about how when mothers are under revered and therefore under supported, the stress of being pregnant and birthing gets transmitted to the baby, creating a blueprint of stress that affects us throughout our lives. Men just as much as women, and any of the other many genders.

And then shortly after they are born, most men are then subjected to unanesthetized genital mutilation. It is called circumcision. I classify this barbaric practice as a Womb Trauma as infants are still cradled in the energetic womb of their mothers, deeply dependent on their mothers' care for survival. Any harm that comes to them at this time intensely damages the mother/infant bond and the transmission of unconditional love and care that the mother is equipped to deliver through her womb. Because of thousands of years of patriarchal programming that places circumcision at the center of many religious systems, most mothers today don't even consider it as optional. Then then allow this chasm of a rift to be violently cut between them and their sons, whose brains are drastically altered by this procedure. This trauma is so severe that it is buried deep in the subconscious and most circumcised men will deny that it even exists.

Circumcision is a central foundation stone of the structures of patriarchy, however. It establishes the necessary unconscious rage and hatred of women necessary for men to even begin to be socialized into the domination role. It severs men from the bonding and guidance they might receive from their mother's womb that would help them learn to connect to their own inner source of power and emotional wisdom. Without this connection, they must rely on dominating others to feel powerful.

This system of traumatizing men to inextricably indoctrinate them into the dominator role is well documented as part of the development of patriarchal systems. Careful study of the old testament as well as earlier spiritual texts from multiple traditions reveals ample evidence that circumcision became a prevalent practice along the same timeline as patriarchal systems were being violently asserted. It is not a big stretch to see the correlation between sexual violence and circumcision. If the first experience one has with their sexual organs is one of non-consensual violence, then that programming will repeat itself throughout one's life.

Now not all circumcised men become sexual predators. And not all men are circumcised. But they are still suffering from varying degrees of Womb Trauma. How men relate to the womb in their lovers is an indicator of the degree of womb trauma they are suffering from.

How available are they to emotional intimacy?

How dependent are they on dominating women through sex to feel powerful and well?

How in touch with their bodies are they?

How emotionally fragile are they?

To what degree do they attend to their sexual partner's pleasure?

How much do they believe it is ok for them to be the only one having pleasure in a sexual encounter?

How much do they believe it is ok for their sexual partner to be experiencing pain during a sexual encounter?

How foggy is their idea of consent?

How blind are they to the damaging effects of their behavior on others?

How enraged do they become if a woman expresses any signs of empowering herself?

How attached are they to the societal systems that position them as dominators, their only source of power?

These are all indicators Womb Trauma in men. It helps those of us who are harmed by these behaviors to see it as such, as recognizing this makes it possible to embrace the potential for healing for everyone.

I have received visions from Mother Earth that indicate that the collective healing necessary for this systemic trauma will happen. She has shown me that my devotion to Womb Centered Healing, as well as everyone else that is similarly devoted, is essential for this healing to occur. She has assured me that as enough of us bring healing to our Womb Trauma, develop our Womb Power from within, and awaken our potential for harmonious relationship, we will be strong enough for her to spark awakening in the dominators. We must be strong enough to hold them when they lose their ability to gain power by stealing it from others. They will go through severe withdrawal symptoms and healing crises and it will be up to us to support them through it. Meanwhile we are encouraged to fortify and prepare ourselves and our loved ones, growing in our capacity for compassion as we witness the growing intensity of denial that is the normal response to an approaching awakening. Soon all of humanity will return to the harmony of Womb Reverence and be blessed as we are reborn.


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