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Mud Egg: Mucking about with the Enchantress

Mucking about in the roots

Mud up to her knees

And splattered on her thighs

Arms, face, bunched up skirt held high

All speckled with brown dripping grit

Decomposing leaves, old dusty cobwebs

And collections of life’s infinite droppings

All accessorize her sweaty gown

She is searching for the lost egg

The one we are all supposed to be sitting on


To replenish the life we are using up

Just by breathing

But we lost it in this swampy wasteland

And only she has the courage

To wait at its edges

Preparing herself to wade in

As soon as the rains soak the cracked earth enough

That she could slurp through

With wriggling toes

And sensitized leg hairs

Feeling through the depth of suckling mud

For a solid round warmth

The seed of new life

We let fall in our blindness

This forgotten womb

Holds exactly what we all hunger for

That golden kernel of concentrated wisdom nectar

That would guide us out of this anguish

We keep insisting that the answer to our pain

Is somewhere up in the sky

Somewhere in some dream of achievement

Some ascension to some height will provide the renewal we are desperate for

But the only thing we find way up there

Is an even higher place we haven’t reached yet

And the slippery slope pulling us down

We think we must resist this downward pull

Fight against the primal force of gravity

But what we have forgotten

Is that life itself depends

On this intimate embrace of Mother Earth

Holding us close to her

So let us join this muddy sweaty woman

In the marshes and the bogs

Remembering that it is in the muddy soups

And salty brines

That life discovers its newest self

Let us join her as she searches for that lost womb

In the dark wetness

Let our legs slurp and slog with hers

Sinking down to float and rest when we tire

Submerging our backs in the soft mud

Letting it encircle our scalps

Coating our hair with mineral richness

Let us almost disappear into the mire

Let us dissolve there and discover

That we have entered into the very womb

We were searching for

Let us remember how to breath

The amniotic fluid of life’s intrinsic intelligence

Into our cells

And be refreshed

And as the mud covers our eyes

Let us see the beauty in the darkness

Feel the longing in our hearts to burst forth into the light once more

Building in the stillness

Let us let it build

As we absorb the infinite unconditional love of Mother Earth

Into our skin, bones, hair, nails, teeth

That our organs might remember

What it means to work together

On a team

In an ecosystem

Where everything has equal value and importance

Let us fill ourselves with this wisdom

Until our lungs cry out for air

And a great inner roar

Pushes us up out of the mud

To stand and drip and sputter and weep

For we have been reborn

We have found what was lost

Without knowing beforehand how it would feel

Life has surprised us again

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Beautiful imagery! Thank you Sama 💜

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