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My thoughts on my first intentional Red Tent experience

Here’s a close-up of some yarrow I selected as my herbal ally for womb centered healing.

The fact that it hasn’t flowered yet is in alignment with my own womb-centered healing.

Usually a plant will not flower until it’s roots are deep enough, the environment is just right and it gets what it needs-sunshine, water, freedom from toxicity.

Yarrow is already offering me its medicine reminding me that it’s up to me to be my own constant gardener in order to truly blossom into womb wellness.

This weekend was my first intentioned Red Tent time and I’ll call it a success simply for the fact that I attempted it in the first place.

A few things I will do differently:

1) Try another ingredient in my moon soup besides lentils. They have a LOT of fiber and even with taking extra plant enzymes I was still having a lot of digestive discomfort (gas! 🤣) which totally defeats the purpose of resting and relaxing and not feeling as bloated during my Moon cycle.

2) Start prepping a week or at least a few days before my period starts. Running around to the grocery store gathering supplies and then having to cook/prepare my Moon soup and tea all while I’m tired and bleeding wasn’t ideal.

3) TOTALLY clear my schedule. Be very strong in this boundary.

4) Be more committed to actual REST or RESTORATIVE activities. I was in my house and DID do my clay pack and nice self-care bath but it was at the end of a long day. I had very little actual REST on Saturday and made up for it on Sunday.

5) Keep reminding myself and my family this is a process and what I am and am not available for. Either be totally “ON” or totally “OFF”.

Do any of you struggle with taking time to rest?

This is a societal norm for all of us-not just women-in my opinion.

Women’s hormones and fertility, however, are more sensitive to stress. This is a biological need actually. If you’re being chased by tigers it’s not the time to be vulnerable and hole up somewhere to nest and give birth.

As I say that I’m feeling very grateful for my husband who was literally “guardian at the door” this weekend when offspring came calling with demands.

Divine Masculine in action.

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