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My Womb Sanctuary

Sinking into my womb space it feels warm and tingly on my skin. With each breath I sink deeper and the tingling moves from my skin to my musculature and bones. By the fourth breath I am vibrating womb energy and feeling myself letting go of my physical concerns focusing on the beauty of the water surrounding me as my dear ally, my two dogs and my cat are resting at my feet and breathing softly with me.

The golden light rises from my root in Mother earth lighting the space in which I see, for the first time, the vastness of my spirit guide, Anna, who has been with me since I was 17 years old. She has been a guide to my mother though she does not recognize her, to my grandmother and great grandmother as well. I feel her light and feel her caressing me and encouraging me now to continue to breathe her light in.

The tingling vibration of my womb sends ripples in the water and I see them to be the source of thoughts and ideas that are to be birthed through me. I smell sweet pine forest fresh morning dew and wild space emerging from the water on an island. Anna tells me this island is the sanctuary that I have longed for. She has had it waiting for me to ask for it. I can come to the island surrounded by the water without leaving the city. My heart is leaping and tears are flowing now. I feel like I have just been given a gift so precious I don't have words for it. This is so unexpected and so freeing to my creativity that has been stymied for what seems like ages now. The gift of wild space in nature within a few deep breaths and quiet time regardless of where I find myself physically. I feel humbled and blessed and I know healing is coming!

This writing was the result of the Writing from the Womb Workshop with Sama Morningstar

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21 juin 2020

So beautiful! Thanks for sharing this here.

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