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Receiving the Wisdom of the Ancestors

My ancestral healing practice has been blossoming lately into a beautiful dance of mutual nourishment. Though I have felt connections with my ancestors for quite some time, spending time with the stories, bringing healing to the wounds I have inherited as well as acknowledging and claiming the strengths, I have only just recently begun to create artwork and altars in their honor. I am finding it to be a potent practice.

I am surprised and not surprised at the potency. The surprise comes from one of the ancestral gifts I have inherited and embraced, the gift of pragmatism. Who has time for this esoteric stuff when there is work to be done? The inherent belief in that statement is that esoteric stuff does not contribute in any real way to the work that needs to be done. So I am surprised to find out that this is not necessarily true. And in truth I am not so surprised to find this out, given what I have learned over the years about the way energy exchange works.

In all realms, there is a flow of energy that we participate in. If something is given in one direction, there is a natural flow of energy back towards the giver. It is up to us to apply wise conscious choice to this flow, as it can become troublesome if not tended to. One of the main ailments that afflicts humanity is that some have gotten into the habit of taking without giving back. This delusional disconnection from the ecology of all things creates instability and crisis. How this works is a good topic for another time, but for now, suffice it to say, recognizing how I have internalized this habit being raised in a capitalist society founded on exploitation has been a big part of my healing process.

This disconnection from the energetic ecology of ancestry taught me to feel entitled to receive everything I have from my predecessors without giving back. As I have been engaging more with these realms, it has become clear that the more I give of my attention, creative energies, and actual substances like food, candlelight, flowers, etc., the more I am able to receive the blessings, support, and wisdom of the ancestors.

I started giving more of my energies in this way simply in gratitude for what I have already received, unaware of how much more there was to receive. Now I am noticing that I was receiving much more than I was even aware of already, and as I give back in gratitude, even more becomes available. This is partly due to simply giving my time and attention to the connection. Just like any healthy relationship, spending time together is mutually nourishing.

One of my ancestors who has been supporting me quite obviously throughout my adult life in the form of visionary, verbal, and musical guidance, was the first one to start receiving more than just my attention and presence. I made her an altar with fresh flowers, a candle, and a cup of coffee each day. I had been doing this for some weeks when I had a lucid dream. In the dream I flew towards a big waterfall where there were many spirit beings sitting. I took my place with them. As we sat together, I had the clear feeling that we all needed hot drinks in fancy cups. As I was lucid dreaming, I simply imagined them into being and we all had hot drinks appear before us. Upon waking, it became very clear that this dream was a request from other ancestors who wanted a cup of coffee as well. So now I make 4 cups of coffee for the ancestors each day.

I feel quite nourished by this practice, like I am woven into the ecology of all things more than ever before. I feel a stability of trust within me that is more deeply rooted and solid. I feel like I am part of a community, which is a deep hunger I have often felt in this society of individualism and separation.

I offer thanks to the ancestors for helping me to re-weave these connections.


Sama Morningstar is the founder of the Womb Centered Healing Temple and is honored to be offering the Bio-Mystical Womb Apprenticeship as one of the Temple Gifts. If you would like to learn more about the Apprenticeship program, you can do so here:

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