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Resting the Bones

Rest your weary, tired self " my bones said.

I can't. I'm not supposed to. I don't have time. The house needs cleaning. The animals need to be fed and walked. The errands have to be ran. I've got to answer these texts and make sure everything and everyone else is all set.

There is pressure put on women to be ON, look good, keep things moving and in order- all with a smile on the face.

"Rest your weary, tired self, " my bones directed again.

In my head, judgements of inadequacies fire off like an automatic weapon. I am shooting myself down while standing up. Maybe I should stop staring at myself in the mirror.

Women are not supposed look the way they (we) feel.

Did you ever notice concerning women it's called "looking like shit" but men are labeled "hard working."

"She's not taking care of herself" they'll say with a narrowed eye look full of suspicion and accusation.

It's not their fault. We are conditioned. We are conditioned to frown upon a woman taking care of herself by not taking care of anything else (even her hair).

A woman taking care of herself by not taking care of any thing else but her heavy bones is forbidden. It's a warning sign. Something is wrong and her truth should be hidden.

Don't get me wrong, there are signs of help me out that go along with neglectful behaviors. Yet, the pressures bare down more weight creating deeper ruts to dig out of when women don't rest their bones.

"Rest your weary, tired self, " my bones requested.

I think to myself, maybe I should call the chiropractor or get a massage with essential oils and hot rocks. Maybe I should go shopping, get my hair done or nails, or get a facial. Maybe I should go do yoga or meditation. My bones had another suggestion.

How about you leave your hair unbrushed, stay home. Climb back in your bed be it naked or in pajamas and rest.

Forget tending to everything else and be heavy with me, your bones, instead.

Lay down, cuddle up, and ask for others to care for you. No exceptions.

Be bare boned. Let the skeletons of your truth out of the closet and simply rest.

So, I did..

….and my bones got rest.

Every woman is worthy of a healthy relationship with rest and her bones.

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hazel grove
hazel grove
Sep 14, 2020

Love this.. Our bones very often dont get the attention and recognition they deserve.. Much is held within and without our bones ..from muscles flesh and blood to stress to Ancestral stories.. Great picture too


Sep 11, 2020

What an important reminder to rest and recharge before we can give to others.Thank you Jennifer😘❤


Sep 10, 2020

My bones are ready for this too!

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