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Returning to the Compassionate Origins of Money

In my ongoing explorations of my relationship with money and how to heal any wounding or hindrance I have internalized around abundance, I have received a number of womb wisdom uploads about the origins of money, why the topic of money and financial sustenance is so fraught with trauma and pain, and what is essential to heal this both on an individual and collective level.

The original energetic and practical blueprint of money as revealed to me through my womb wisdom lands me in a sigh of peaceful relief as it maps out quite clearly how we can find our way out of the illness that the pursuit of money has become. Money was invented by compassionate communities who were bartering goods and services to facilitate everyone in the community to get what they needed as easily and effortlessly as possible. If I needed eggs and had an abundance of rosemary to trade, before money I would need to go searching for someone who had extra eggs and needed rosemary. Once money was invented, I could simply go to the first person I knew had extra eggs and give them the symbolic object the community agreed upon to represent a particular value in exchange for the eggs. Then that person could take that object, say some cowrie shells, to the person that had the item they most needed. And eventually, the person who needed rosemary would come to me with some shells to trade.

Unfortunately, much of humanity is suffering from a collective trauma response (which I will write about in another post) that made hoarding goods, resources, and money adaptive. This means that instead of trusting that there will always be someone with the eggs or rosemary or whatever else we need but don’t have and that someone else will always need what we have extra of, and therefore we can relax into a field of abundance and let it flow, people started devising ever more stingy ways of keeping more and more of the money for themselves. This had developed to the point of us now being on the brink of ecological collapse because some people are exploiting the resources of our precious earth so egregiously for their greedy profit. There are a handful of people on this planet who have amassed unimaginable wealth which grants them unchecked, unquestioned power to continue exploiting the resources on this planet, while the majority of the people do not have their basic needs met.

It seems very clear to me that the medicine for this collective illness that money issues is only a symptom of is to return to the origins of money where it was used to ensure that everyone’s needs were met.

So what does this mean on a practical level? For me it means living my life in trust that my needs will be met, even when there are so many messages and circumstances that seem to give me a different message. This is by no means easy, especially since I live in California, where the cost of living is exponentially growing, largely outpacing any growth in income levels I have ever mustered. But when I drop into my womb wisdom, I feel calm and see all of the times that resources and opportunities have arrived right on time, over and over again, just like that person with the eggs and the person needing rosemary. I also see through the fraudulence of the messaging and circumstances that would have me chasing after that ever-increasing stash of money that is always just around the corner, only benefiting those that already have most of the money and resources and are using the energy of that messaging to manipulate me to pour my energy into their ever-deepening pot of wealth. The fear that my needs will not be met just makes me think I need to work ever harder, abandon my true essence, and succumb to the current collective illness around money. However, when I listen to my womb wisdom, I can return to that essence of trust, calm down, and follow the guidance of my purpose.

In my experience, womb wisdom makes sure all of my needs are met, without over-prioritizing money, but without neglecting it either. Recently, this means that it has become clear that I needed to branch out into serving my local community which is not quite yet ready to pay me for my Womb Centered Healing services. So I am going back to school to become a Physical Therapy Assistant which will allow me to work with a wider population while also providing a portal into hands-on pelvic healing work that I have not had official sanction to do as a massage therapist. When I first received this guidance, I did not believe it. Going back to school at my age? I thought I would have to give up on my life’s work to start over, and that I would suffer greatly transitioning back into the exploitive structures of mainstream institutions. However, as I warmed up to the idea, I was able to see the womb wise pathways of this mission. I was being called to bring my work to people that didn’t even know they needed it and would never recognize my work as something they needed in the ways I was presenting it. This pathway was the original blueprint of money asserting itself into my life, bringing my rosemary to those that need it the most.

As for the question of giving up my life’s work to follow this new guidance, the contrary is actually more true. I am required to deepen my commitment to my life’s work, to fortify my inner temple so it can emanate it’s siren song. It is such a relief to be liberated from the endless need for finding the best marketing strategy to find the people who need my rosemary. I can simply follow that inner guidance, even when it doesn’t seem to make sense, and low and behold, I am surrounded by people wondering what that lovely smell is that is making them remember their own womb wisdom. They don’t even need to know it is coming from the rosemary in my back pocket.

So far, my rosemary has changed the curriculum in my school program to include more in-depth material on trauma-informed care, facilitated fellow students to navigate their own trauma being restimulated by the circumstances in the program, and helped a professor overcome her own trauma history to be able to integrate her trauma-informed wisdom into her teaching. It is clear to me that my womb wisdom in its connection to Womb of Gaia and the Cosmic Womb, is delivering me like a hot pizza to the exact right address. And she will keep providing the right amount of rosemary and oregano, special sauce, and all the toppings to my perfectly kneaded and stretched dough every night, before slipping me into the oven of my bed, where I dream of all the magic I will feed the world upon waking up in the morning.


Jessica Huckabay is the founder of the Womb Centered Healing Temple. You can explore all that is available in the temple by clicking on the links to the different pages of this site at the top of this page.

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