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By Jessica

Bare feet tenderly touch down

On the gnarled muddy roots

Anchoring my family tree

To this precious Earth

The drumbeat of her lava heart

Compelling my toes to grip

And pulse

Sending ripples of dance

Through the miracle of muscles

And bones

That make up my soul vehicle

And store the cellular blueprints

For my journey

Mother Earth whistles her wisdom

Through my bones

My blood becomes the melody

Orchestrating her intelligence

I am her instrument

Every ancestor is a note in her song

She strums my life with

Her fingers of mystery

These roots make a treasure map

Where gems and riches of wisdom

Gifts from my ancestors

Are hidden in the knots and holes

Buried in slurries of mud

Under boulders of time and tradition

Many of these treasures might have been lost

If it weren’t for the gleaming

Pulsing points of pain

Persisting throughout my life

Despite my best efforts to be free

There my great grandmother’s tears

Weigh down my heart

Calling me to dig for the treasures

Hidden at the bottom of the vast pool

Where her eternal roots drink

My great grandfather’s fire


And fury

Smolders still in this rotten swamp

The ancient one stands at the edge of the stench

Calling her clan

My clan

To beat the drums and dance

Vibrating these roots free

Of the sucking sickness

Reminding them where to find soil

That gives

And how to give back to the soil

All the burrowing creatures come

Bringing air into these suffocating pathways

Eating the rotten roots to stimulate new growth

Clearing away the dam to let the dampness drain

Bringing breath into the smothered fire

So it may complete the renewal

And as the flow is restored

The treasure is revealed

Even here

The wisdom that nurtures healthy roots

Unhindered and connected

Interwoven with the pulse of life

Evie is assisting Jessica to publish her work online

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