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Thank you moon

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

The moon is but a crescent tonight. Attached to the ends of the moon, the sharp points, exists spider webs that have spun silky spirals and loops. Their patterned designs are only visible when the moon light shimmers upon the webs. The webs cascade down and around the moon, like a woman’s hair with spiraled curls.

A giant spider lives on the moon. It spins a web ever so slowly, filling in the blank space with silky and shiny moon, until the full moon exists. When the spider starts spinning, like any artist or chef working with a piping bag, the spider oozes web out of its hole to make sure the web is strong and sturdy, before working on the moon.

The web drifts in the atmosphere, in illuminating and shimmering waves, and travels slowly through the ethers and into new spaces and lands. The webs must avoid the flying hot rocks as they cascade down to earth. The hot rocks come flying out of nowhere, and aim to pierce holes through the webs, which rips them apart and disturbs their beautiful and graceful flow. The flying hot rocks are able to pierce through the silky webs because they are threads, all alone dancing down to earth.

However, the flying rocks don’t dare to fly near the moon. The threads upon threads of the spider's web is far too sturdy and powerful for the rocks. When rocks fly close to the moon, the moon has an abundance of ways of handling the rocks. The moon can explode the rock, or suck it in to acquire its mass, or even turn it into a ray of light that spreads light in the dark atmosphere.

I feel the rhythm on mother earth, and I imagine a spiral of a spiders web entering me, from the tip of my head down to my toes. It spirals through my body, moving through the enormous amount of space within me. The web stirs up the stagnant energy in me as well, causing me to burp and relieve myself.

The spirals coil around spaces that need extra love for more time. I feel my knees relax, and I feel my back gyrate the lower space that has been affected by periods of time with little mindfulness of this region’s needs. Thank you moon. 


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Aug 16, 2020

Thank you for sharing this journey. May we all receive this healing energy from the Moon/Womb.

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