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The Dance of Venus

Womb writing conjured after the Venus Womb Dance Yoga (found in phase 2, week 1). Afterwards all I wanted to do was adorn my face and body with reds and pinks, and continue to dance around my home with Venus.

Venus danced me into existence.

She was there

as two strange halves

melted and molded.

As young cells tripped and trickled over each other

unknowingly merging

into the sea of existence.

She was there

as my Mother's body became weightless

and simultaneously sank

into the pillowed ground

beneath her.

She blew into my Mother's hair

telling her to laze and let go.

To dissolve and be held.

The sound of Venus' voice held her,

sound waves cradling

the limbs of her softening body.

Venus merged with me

the exact moment

my Mother merged with bliss.

I can feel the dance

of two becoming one.

As above, so below.

Coming together in flesh,

creates a spirit anew.

Breath. Dissolve. Float away.

In her arms

we dance.

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