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The medicine of the Siberian cedar nut oil

Since I read the Anastasia books by Wladimir Megre about the Siberian Spirit Woman Anastasia who lives in the Siberian Taiga Woods, I learned that the Siberian Cedar Tree is one the oldest trees on earth which can store the most light from above in its DNA. See the image of Anastasia planting a cedar tree and absorbing the light here:

That's why Siberian people use cedar nut oil as medicine and drink a few spoons of it every day. Furthermore, the nuts are delicious and cedar nut aroma oil is soothing and smells most wonderful. When I visited the sacred Mountain Belukha in 2018 and also when traveling with the Transsibirian Railway and living for a week in an Anastasia village, I was fortunate to get to know the medicine potential of cedar nut oil. Here in Germany, I buy the cedar nut oil from a local shop which grows the trees themselves. I use the aroma oil in my rituals by applying it on my forehead (Third Eye), Womb and my temples to anoint myself and connect with this potent light and medicine that this precious tree contains.

It is also common to make tea from the cedar tree pine needles. When drinking the cedar nut tree oil, it helps to have healthy digestion, good skin and can also be used for hair against split ends. Of course, we can also use it in salads. I cannot recommend its wide usage and benefits enough.

Even though I won't participate in this upcoming Herbal Womb Wellness Live Online Speaker Series, I am looking forward to speak about this medicine in the next series or during one of the Herb Wellness Live Calls as part of the 13 Moon Bio Mystical Womb Healing Apprenticeship.

I would like to recommend the following local shop for orders: Siberian Shaman Ahamkara with whom I visited the sacred mountain Belukha and who lives in an Anastasia kin domain tells the following about the healing powers of cedar nut oil here:

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hazel grove
hazel grove
Sep 14, 2020

Thanks for sharing this Erika.. One of my favourite oils is Cedarwood.. Now I would love to try some Cedar nut oil.. I shall try the link you shared

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