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The Mother - the Most Vital Role in the World

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

From womb to tomb, all life begins in the Mother's womb.

I dream of a world in which the Mother is revered as just as integral as a Doctor, a Lawyer, an Architect...

I dream of a world in which a womxn can speak about her child birthing experience and all in the room receive her and acknowledge her, rather than look away or cringe...

I dream of a world in which society honours the role of Mother so much so that every single womxn has access to a midwife and doula...

that every single womxn is able to take the time and space that she needs during the pregnancy and after - and has the guides who will support her in conscious childbirth, showing her the way of womb healing in herself, throughout the entire process...

who will guide the way to show her how to respond to her own needs, so that she has the energy to respond to the needs of her baby...

I see the role of the Mother as THE most important role in our society.

And this time and space that I wish that all mothers could take for themselves during pregnancy - I envision that this is paid for by the government.

Because just like any role in society, womxn should be compensated for bringing in the new generation.

If soldiers risk their lives in battle and do something extraordinary for their country, they receive a medal...

And so why are our Mothers not honoured in this way too?

Womxn risk their lives, allow their bodies to change, allow their entire lives to change around the oncoming birth of their babies.

And sometimes womxn don't choose this for themselves, but happen into Motherhood from a set of undesirable circumstances...

Our Mothers bring in the new generation, and thus, they have the MOST influence on the upcoming leaders of our world.

Through my womb awakening and my studies, I truly believe that connecting womxn in a conscious way to their wombs is the most substantial change that we can see in our society...

It helps to heal the Mother Wound, which is one of the deepest wounds within us all and has MASSIVE impact on everyone, and I believe is the source of most world conflicts today.

There is so much research that shows how formative the 9 months in the womb are for the baby, plus the birthing process and then the 7 years after. Those are the most formative periods in our brain development - formulating the lens through which we engage with the world. And unfortunately, a lot of these beliefs are limiting. Most of us come into a world through the lens of scarcity, fighting for survival, and trauma because that's what our Mothers have had to do to get by.

And the fault is not on the Mother - I think it is a systemic problem that our Mothers are not given the time and space to be comfortable, joyful and well-supported during their child-birthing process, so that during those most influential months on a babies brain development that the baby is immersed in an environment of love, abundance and connectivity.

May our world reorganize to honour this role and to give Mothers the nourishment, love and care that they need now and always.


As a Yoga Guide and Womb Priestess, I serve conscious, spiritual womxn come home to their inner knowing to empower themselves. In devotion - I focalize and steward Wild Moon Sisters, an etheric temple to support womxn embody their feminine wisdom and power. You can join the community temple here.

Being in the Bio-Mystical Womb Apprenticeship with Sama has given me more confidence, knowledge, and skill in the work that I offer. You can learn more about the apprenticeship, here.

And you can learn more about the services that I offer here.

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Kristina Berry
Kristina Berry
Jul 14, 2020

With you in solidarity, Sister! Healing the Exhausted Mother Wound-"giving from the empty well"-a construct of patriarchy that does not honor the Mother is my life's work. I think it is a testament to how "unwell" we (humanity as a whole) have become to be so disconnected from our ancestral reverence of the Great Mother. It is very heartening to know there are others like me with a new vision to uplift humanity through healing and honoring the Mother.


Jul 14, 2020

Thank you for this empassioned plea to return to the sanity of revering the sourslce of life.

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