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"Raise Our Awareness to the Mother Earth"


Play some music in higher frequency,

Let's vibrate togther with love,

Pray for the world ,

Pray for the people who are depressed,

Pay attention to the need and want for the world ,

When we want the world to be healed,

Let's take care of the need and want from our mother earth,

Because your

Intention + Action = Magic

Knowing the pandemic of Covid19 has mushroomed around the world, it has resulted in many of the crisis , In Malaysia, we are facing another lockdown, the movement control has to be proceeded second round, it is not answerable when it will quit.

The mother earth is in pain,

But our human consciousness can learn how to heal it,

Let's pray,

Not just paying less attention to the personal issues,

When we stay tuned with the earth needs,

Let's play some music with higher frequency ,

Raise the frequency ,

Stay tuned with the body, energyband consciousness of mother earth.




Writing from the Womb . Sean Ching Change . Womb Wellness Healer, Malaysia


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Jennifer Jarvis Hirt
Jennifer Jarvis Hirt
19 de out. de 2020

YES!! The information in the picture and the passion in your words is completely heart and sou felt. Thank you for tending to this part of our existence and much-needed healing. Binaural beats are one of my go-to for resonance with creation! I love this post. Thank you!

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