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Who emerges after the menarche?

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Menrche. I never had one. I'm giving myself one now. There's a power waiting for me to obtain. A healing more powerful than any crystal waiting me to mine. I'm doing it. The determination to do this for myself was greater than the fear of what judgments or reactions other might have.

I'm allowing myself to mourn my past disconnect while celebrating and claiming my present menstrual blood.

It's my blood rite.

For three days I stayed in a regular camping tent popped in my back yard.

I approached my neighbors whom I was close to, and explained to them the healing process I'm in with my womb. I let them know about the Menarche I was holding for myself. Despite some women's polite nods of support despite not fully understanding, I kept talking. I can't even remember half I said because adrenaline took over. I let my wounded womb guide me.

I asked them if they could prepare the foods and bring them to me as part of my personal experience and intentions for the sacred feminine restoration.

Later, I brought the food and containers with a recipe of what I would like them to make me. ( I made sure the recipes were easy but healthy and nurturing at the same time).

By this time the women seemed really excited! I was super excited and so was my bleeding womb.

The regular tent was quickly transformed into a sacred tent. Every detail honored. I've learned from co-hosting red tents, journeying with the Magdalene, what was in my womb, my lineage womb blood and the knowledge of human's bloody existence went into everything.

For three days females came to the womb celebrating temple tent. Some brought me my meals looked around with a smile and said it was beautiful or nice then immediately exited, others sat down and ate snacks asking questions. Others, mostly a couple adult women and early teen to prepubescent ages came in the most often and stayed the longest.

Over there days sacred ceremonies and celebration with females of all ages took place. We even wild foraged and made amazing food with what we harvested. Spring is just as potent to harvest as Autumn. We learned and connected to the abundance of sustainable harvesting dislike we were sustainably harvesting the tradition of celebrating feminine blood over this time.

Times of remembering, recaiming, and reinventing emerged. There was another woman emerging too. I know who she is, it's the me I've always wanted to feel come through and see, but.......

....when would she come?

I was nervously patient and open to her arrival. This had to be on her time, not "mine."

It's spontaneously she came in gentle but powerful. She was claiming her a sacred space.

The whole process was a high yet grounding experience.

She slowly revealed herself guiding me on what to wear and how. Every thing took place where it usually happens - in my bathroom. We were meeting and merging at the same time. She's a regal primal female.

I used materials I use for Red Tents, and other Womb / Yoni centered events to decorate my body. I mix my menstrual blood with thick, red paste into a "paint," then draw moons on my forehead and the spiral on the abdominal; the pregnancy line recognized and trace honoring lineages. I draw lines down my leg in the pattern my flow falls when free bleeding. I honor this as my medicinal blood line. I scry the pattern and read it as messages from my womb ancestors. We all have blood line stories to tell- even from those not living. During my intuitive womb creative ritual, my 10 year old daughter came in to take part. She delicately painted her womb connection expression my body. The flower in the throat, rose petals in the nipples, the lines and Paleo like art work on my face and bird on my belly is all her unique touch.

There she is; There I am. There my daughter is. There my lineage is. There my blood rights are. It's all beautiful and incredibly healing.

I know, she arrived one of those I invited her to come through the sacred portal of the celebration of the menstrual blood; through the menarche.

There is and was an incredible amount of healing and empowerment from this ritual for me, my daughter, for my lineage and women known and unknown to me.

It's for you like yours is for me.

On this day, when she emerged I made a sacred vow. I married the physical manifestation for the expression of my feminine blood.

She is the blood bride.

That's who emerged after the menarche.

I've created a blood bride ritual which soon I will be sharing more about.

Thank you womb healing. Thank you for the space for me to experience, emerge, and engage with other womb connecting women- especially the ones within myself.

The wounds are healed. The womb blood has spoken.

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hazel grove
hazel grove
Aug 04, 2020

Very powerful Rite of Passage.. Beautiful !

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