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Wisdom Tree

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

By Jessica

Two branches of the peach tree

Grew thick

Like a torso

And intertwined

Like a married couple in bed

Stretching out to the garden gate

Creating an unmade bed

Bestrewn with blankets

Suspended in the air

Yet grounded

Rooted by the pulsing trunk

I crept under the bushes

Seeking through the webby darkness

Brushing grabbing branches from my hair

Following the sounds of the bedmaker’s movements

Until his changing face appeared

A revelation of mystery

Ancient symbols

Changing, cycling through meaning

For eyes

Silver skin

Like a blue dolphin

Returned to land

He spoke without sound

I was not frightened by his strange appearance

But nourished



Not as though I had been waiting for him

But as though he had been there all along

And I had just now remembered

To resume our visits

When I awake from this dream

The peach tree trunk

Was still too thin

And the branches had not yet bedded down together

But my prayer bundles

Inviting the ancestors of the land

To embody into these trees

Still hang like ghosts

Dripping herbal aromas

Into the earth and sky

And the wind off of the lake

Mixes with the sugary sap of pine trees

Basting my brain

With delight

Every step crunches

Or does it swish through liquid?

Are my eyes truly orbs of perception

Or are they changing symbols

Revealing ancient wisdom

To those who can see me

Through their own dreaming eyes?

For my silver dolfin man

Looks out through my eyes

Not only receiving the world's images

But transmitting the ancient music

Of our unified soul

That is calling us home

To sleep in peach tree branches

Making love to themselves

Delighting in the simplicities of life

Dissolving into the ocean of air

That swirls behind our eyes

Owning nothing but a rumple of blankets

And a dark webby opening

In the thickness of bushes

Where we are swallowed whole by life

And turned out into the light once more

Becoming the branches

The thicket

The peaches

The sunlight

The wind

Eyes changing shape

Becoming each image that passes through

Disciphering the essence

At the center

The codes of life written on our silvery skin

Until peace is the only meaning

Love is the only meaning

Jessica Huckabay is the founder of the Womb Centered Healing Temple and hosts Writing from the Womb Workshops weekly. Learn more about this and other offerings by exploring this site.

Evie is assisting Jessica to publish her work online

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