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Womb Garden 2: Golden Egg of Light

By Jessica

One breath lifts

A glistening golden membrane

Over my head

Opening like an umbrella

Tasseling down to the ground

Rooting into the earth

And joining under my feet

Each new breath

Inflates this golden egg

Expanding it to surround the world

Filtering the pain of humanity

With pulsing golding waves of light

I am safe within the layers of the membrane

At the core of this undulation of pure life

Tingling with aliveness

As I enter my womb garden

Here every medicine I need

Grows abundant and on time

Flowers whisper their mysteries

Into my nose

Nourishing my neurons directly

Light dances with the skin of leaves

Painting medicinal codes onto my retinas

Soft moist soil

Transmits earth wisdom

Through the soles of my feet

Guiding each step with invisible light

Microbes communicate with my mitochondria

Charging my action potentials

With infinite intelligence

Wombsong rises to my ears

From within

My vocal cords vibrate in preparation

I know the song before I sing it

My cells are hungry for its vibration

My pain, my hunger, the patterns of hurt I carry

Spell out the recipe for this medicine

Wombsong vibrates the leaves, roots, flowers, fruits

Transmits this recipe to the herbs and trees

They add their instruments, their ingredients to this elixir

Placing special orders for unique substances

With the mycelium network

To harmonize this music

Birds bring seeds from afar

Dropping essential ingredients into the garden

Unique instruments

That play just the right notes


Until this medicinal recipe


In a crescendo of satisfaction



Fruits swell within their young skins

At first astringent


Sucking slowly warming juices up from the roots

Gathering, alchemizing, fattening

Receiving ever longer


Kisses from the sun

Until streaked with color

Pink, crimson, magenta, purple

Until bursting with sweet juice

Spilling the sacred blood of life

Down my chin

I am a fruit too, they tell me

Plumping with age

Skin thinning

Juices thickening


Fermenting with the heat of brilliance

This sun that shines from within

Meeting the gaze of the moon and stars

Spiraling through the galaxies within my cells

Pumping the rhythms of life

Into the fabric of my organs

Each day and night

The sounds of cellular traffic

Pulse through my ears

Veins, arteries, lymph vessels

Delivering the sap through my trunk

Into the fruit of my words

The work of my hands

The sway of my hips when I walk

The placement of my feet

The drops of my blood

All delivering my own floral aroma

To the ground, the ears, the skin

Of fellow microbes in this great body

Of all that is

I absorb the nutrients from the birds, trees, flowers, fruits

Like blood cells absorb oxygen

And deliver it to all I come close to

I am a walking dancing singing

Medicine bottle

Keeping my own vessel alive

With this elixir I deliver

Dance and deliver

Sing and deliver

Drink and deliver

Sleep, dream, rest, deliver

Write and deliver

Touch and deliver

Love and deliver

Breath and deliver

This medicine reminds me

I need not be anything other than what I am

Perfectly crafted

For the purpose I am here for

This ripe message

Bursts with sticky, simple juice

Satisfying my deepest hunger

As it slides down my thirsty throat

Jessica Huckabay is the founder of the Womb Centered Healing Temple and hosts Writing from the Womb Workshops weekly. Learn more about this and other offerings by exploring this site.

Evie is assisting Jessica to publish her work online

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