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Womb Garden: One

By Jessica

Twisting vines intertwine

With the gilded dragon gate

Whose jeweled eye

Gleams through my eyes

To the center of my head



Igniting remembrance

Unlocking the treasure chests

I carry within

Blossoms glisten

On this wild yet tended vine

Winking at me with intelligent petals

Releasing puffs of aroma

Dancing with my biochemistry

Flooding my slump

With undeniable joy

“But it wasn’t supposed to look like this!” I whine

Comparing my glowing fantasy with the meanness of the world

The dragon’s eye glistens

As if to say

“If you insist”

And the vine swings the gate open

Twines around my wrist

Pulling me inside

Gopher mounds create mazes through the ground

But these gophers don’t hide in the darkness

The pop up grinning

Winking at me as if I am part of their family

For they are not enemies here

But the directors of the garden

Preparing the soil

Determining which plants will grow to fruition

And which will be devoured

Following a mysterious plan

That baffles me

Yet I relish the softness of the earth

Under my feet

Leading me forward with one sinking step

And another

Towards a great tree

Where a giggling girl swings

Trailing ribbons in the wind

Another swing uncoils and she beckons me to sit

I join her heavily

But soon my waters

Are sloshing gleefully

Within my cells, organs, and bones

The girl winks and laughs at my thoughts of danger and risk

As the creaking branches bend and sway under my weight

She swings higher as though relishing the possibility of disaster

Discerning my thoughts of my warm dark cave

She hops off the swing

Grabs my hand

And pulls me behind her

Down the path to a dark opening in the green hillside

Delighted to show me her cave

She pulls me inside

Trailing her fingers along the moist moss-covered walls

Until we arrive at the crystal walled cavern

She begins stripping her clothing off

As we approach the dark silver water

Of the central fountain

I join her there

And forget my worries

Letting the bubbles tickle the tiny hairs

On my skin

I can disappear into these waters

Becoming a sea of love

Undulating with the rhythms of water

Bubbling up from below

Expanding into steam

Rising to clouds

Flying through the sky

Carried by currents of heat and cold

Until condensed into liquid form

Falling back to ground

Where my jobs are infinite

Feeding green leaves

Dark roots

Swelling flowers and fruits

Quenching thirsty beasts

Traveling through underground and surface streams

Creeks, rivers, lakes, seas


Trickling, gushing, whirling, snaking

Cresting, crashing, foaming in the sand

My moods vary from silvery stillness

Enough to reflect the soul of the world

To raging storms

Building up tsunamis of destruction

And renewal

Everything dissolves within my power

Regardless of my rate of movement

I can sit stagnant

Trapped between seemingly solid banks

But this will not stop the living essence

I nourish

From digesting the roots of those walls

Until their solidness loosens

And I slowly drain away

Leaving behind a gritty residue

Spelling out the details

Of the secret love affair

That happened under my surface

Or I can tear down whole cities

With one giant wave

Reclaiming the lives of countless creatures

As my own

For they were always mine

Their waters were only on loan

I recognize the devotion some creatures demonstrate

I hear their songs

Feel the ripples as their footsteps

Pass tenderly along my shores

Absorb their reverence

And when they step into me

They can receive the gift

Of remembering they are me

Feeling my power coursing through their tissues

But this does not tame me

Or buy them freedom

It enwildens them

So they find peace

In the infinity of life

That holds them tenderly for a moment

In one form and then another

They remember their true essence

And find the freedom

That has always been theirs

Filling them with liquid sentience

Until their borders dissolve

Just like everything eventually does

Jessica Huckabay is the founder of the Womb Centered Healing Temple and hosts Writing from the Womb Workshops weekly. Learn more about this and other offerings by exploring this site.

Evie is assisting Jessica to publish her work online

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