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Welcome to the Womb Centered Healing Temple Blog!

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

This blog will be a collaborative collection of Womb Centered Healing writings by myself, Sama Morningstar, as well as a number of guest bloggers.

In this first post, I would like to announce that I plan on posting excerpts of the Bio-Mystical Womb Book as I write them with the collaboration of the Case Study participants in the Bio-Mystical Womb 13 Moon Apprenticeship.

This apprenticeship is the first run of this online program and I am feeling delighted and nourished by the richness of holding space with the collection of Womb Centered Healing practitioners that have gathered to join me for this.

Womb Listening

One of the first practices I share with those interested in learning about Womb Centered Healing is Womb Listening. This is a practice that has arisen out of my own exploration of finding an inner source of guidance and wisdom that is solid and grounded enough to free me from my anxieties about my responsibilities, choices, and opportunities.

This exploration has been going on for me for quite some time and has included many times when I felt confident and certain of my choices, having a sense of a deep wisdom guiding me. It has also included times of great uncertainty, usually surrounding big risks that I took that all resulted in greater amounts of fulfillment than I would have had if I had not taken them. I always felt guided by a greater wisdom during these times of risk, but my fears and trauma coping mechanisms were activated by the riskiness of the choices I was guided to make.

This cycling through times of confidence and anxious risk taking has generated tremendous growth for me, and fueled my search for an even deeper ground of guidance that would support ever greater risks with ever diminishing anxiety.

Womb Listening has become this ground for me.

It revealed itself quite plainly as such at a time of great distress recovering from the devastation of losing my spiritual sanctuary and place of livelihood as well as much of my local community, to wildfire. Harbin Hot Springs is my favorite place to work in all of California as a massage therapist for many wonderful reasons. 4 years ago it burned down in the biggest wildfire the state had ever seen. It has since seen bigger, but that was the first big one. I was struggling to work at a less favorable resort to maintain my livelihood. It was less favorable because the management there exerted pressure on the practitioners to provide more sessions per day for more days in a row than my energy levels felt comfortable with. I was having some health challenges due to the trauma of the fire and some astrological transits to boot, and I was uncertain that I had enough energy to work at the output level they expected. I had recently realized that I was feeling called to start focusing on developing my own healing modality centered on the Womb and I was researching what other writers and teachers had to offer. So I was reading a lot of Womb Centered Healing books and practicing the meditations offered in them.

One morning I woke up with the voice of my womb very clearly stating the following:

“I can give you all the energy you need”

This was quite an awakening for me. I began inquiring as to how this was so and exploring the answers I received. Thus began my Womb Listening practice. In the 4 years since, I have developed this practice and felt it deepen to that depth of grounded knowing that I had been longing for.

One of the most potent insights I have received from and about this Womb Listening practice is that I have been doing it all along, without even knowing it. And that this lack of acknowledgment of where the knowing and guidance I was following was coming from was actually the source of my anxiety in the first place. As I have begun to acknowledge the true source of my inner guidance, the source of all of life, the portal between the spirit realm and the physical realm, the means by which all inspiration takes physical form, a depth of rightness has begun to pool within me that I have never known before.

This rightness includes and encompasses all of my mistakes and missteps, like a wise loving mother holds her child through all of the trips and falls of learning to walk, run, read, write, love, and live. The more I connect with this infinite Divine Mother Womb Wisdom within me, the more I love myself unconditionally, and trust without a doubt that every choice I make will be a precious gem in the treasure chest of my life and soul purpose coming to fruition.

This does not mean that I never have anxiety about a decision to be made. But it does mean that I meet this anxiety with a deep still pool fed by an even deeper spring of all is wellness that dwarfs my anxiety while holding it warmly as a valid and wise reaction to a difficult situation. This pool also holds me in the space of not knowing the answer to unsolvable quandaries for however long need be, in the stillness of allowing.

This still pool of womb wisdom supports me to greater empathy with myself and others. It expands my presence, nourishing my ability to hold space for ever more intense and mysterious healing processes. I find myself dissolving into ever deeper layers of love and intimacy with myself, with loved ones, with clients, with colleagues, with life.

This Womb Listening practice has become what I return to time and again. I start working with new clients with a Womb Listening Initiation. And I am most often supporting clients and students to develop and fine tune their Womb Listening awareness. Here are some Case Study accounts of initial experiences of this practice:

“ I feel as if womb listening is something that I have always been able to do naturally but I never practiced it because I did not consciously know about it. So when I started learning about it, I was able to easily remember how to do it. Since connecting to my womb consciously I have gained a much deeper understanding of my body and my emotions and most of all I have learnt how to feel into any situation that comes up for me and determine whether my inner wisdom is saying yes to the situation or no stay away. I look at Womb Listening as the strongest sense of intuition that my body provides me with. And the more I listen to my inner knowing, the more I am led into an incredible journey of magic and synchronicity.

I first experienced Womb Listening when I attended a Dragon Shakti Breathing workshop in May of this year (2019). Immediately I knew I had finally tapped into something that I had longed for my whole life. A true embodiment of what it means to be a divine feminine. My passion and excitement and creativity just multiplied from there as I felt a sense of truly coming home to myself. ”

Jasmine Rose

“I have been doing my own version of womb listening for the last 2 years, since getting very sick. I had a physical healing crisis and this required me to listen to my body. I live on an island, so it's very difficult for us to get over to the hospital. I remember the day I arrived home after driving all day, I took a bath and noticed a lot of inflammation in my body, I was scared. I had to decide whether I would go to the hospital, which would have meant being stranded off the island and away from home that night. I had to listen to my body. I knew that I would be OK. This was the first of many times that I had to listen to my body to understand if I or one of my kids needed to go to the hospital. I understand now that I was tuning into my womb space. I have used this practice for other decisions about the safety of my body.

(The first time I experienced Womb Listening was) when I was 26 or so, I stopped at my parents' home for the summer. I spent the summer outside a lot, in my body, biking, swimming and running. I met a lover who had studied Santuria in the jungles in Cameroon. He was the first Earth healer that I learned from. He gave me a reading one night. I had been laboring over my decision to go to Grad school in New York. He drew two lines in the sand and told me "This line is your path that will bring you happiness. This line will lead you to a dead end." I knew right away that the path to grad school was not my path but my parents' path for me. He invited me to listen to my body, my intuition, my womb. And I found my truth.”


“(The womb listening meditation) was very visual for me, I felt very good by entering mother earth womb. I felt my womb get activated. I felt relaxed and nourished after the meditation. Most important was my dream in the night. I was in contact with mother Earth and she told me if I want to heal my womb I have to open my throat - and Sing. Heal through singing.

(I first discovered Womb Listening) about 5 years ago when I was in a workshop about pelvic exercise. We were to imagine our womb as a garden and at that time I saw it as a beautiful, flowery, growing, nourishing garden with some bees and butterflies. I was surprised about the power of that image. This was the first time I got consciously in contact with my womb. Since that time I have had more like feelings coming from that place, more than a voice.”


If you are intrigued by these accounts of accessing intuition and inner guidance from our womb space, then I invite you to sign up for a free Womb Listening Audio Meditation when you subscribe to the Womb Centered Healing Temple Newsletter below.

Also, if you have any questions, inspirations, or Womb Listening experiences you would like to share with us, please feel free to comment below.

And please help us spread the word about this new blog by sharing it with your community. Thanks,



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