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Womb Wisdom for Menopause

Feel the flow of your blood

Blood Stone Bone

holds all your memories

Look through the Crow Crone Raven Mirror

eyes of your Soul

Feel the flow of your blood

flowing now in closed circuit of inner wisdom.

The blood you once gave the Earth is now receiver, receptor, flowing past and future lineage.

Deep deep down grow your roots,

and the Stones remember.

Sacred Stones, Blood Stones, Bone Stones

stories of your lineage

Feed the Stones and all your Blood Bones with your dreams

The Stones remember......

All is dark

and once again I am a seed

The Ouroboric Womb Snake has spiraled


and again the blood flows.....

A thousand deep tiny lines etched in the face of a Wisdom Elder,

staring through the Crow Raven Mirror Cauldron of Time

Feel the flow of your blood


hear your blood language,



and feel

the flow of your blood.

This is the womb message I received in last nights live Writing from the Womb.

My menstruating days are gone and I have gracefully transitioned into menopause, in beautiful alignment with my Bio Mystical Womb Healing Journey.

I found myself in the week prior to writing this feeling a natural sadness of no longer bleeding, and also a sense of newness, what will my cycles be, what is my relationship with my blood and my cycles now?

This womb wisdom is a response to these feelings and inner questions.

May these words of remembering echo a timeless strength in and for all menopausing Wise Women, Enchantresses and Crones x

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naomy raven
naomy raven
Aug 30, 2020

Love it. Thanks Hazel. So deeply powerful

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