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Sonic Embodiment Rites

Bodily ailments can be sourced to conflicts of spirit.

Our spirit gets the message early in life that it is painful and unsafe to be here.


  • Birth trauma

  • Childhood trauma

  • Lack of spiritual nurturance

We come up with creative coping mechanisms as children to deal with these all too common painful circumstances, often involving ways of removing ourselves, escaping the pain.  Rare is the person who is fully embodied into their life.  This results in a variety of ailments including:


  • Unhealthy eating habits

  • Weight problems

  • Chronic pain

  • Illness and disease

  • Emotional overwhelm

  • Workaholism

  • Intimacy limitations

  • Depression

Fortunately, many spiritual traditions
contain maps for embodiment in their
practices and ceremonies.
  • The 7 Chakras

  • The Tree of Life

  • The Medicine Wheel

  • Labyrinths


They also use sound and movement, song and dance to powerfully cleanse us of the old patterns and embody the new.
We can distill the essence of these traditions and initiate ourselves into direct embodiment of our spirits to heal our ailments at their source, accessing greater joy and power in our lives. 


"Blue" by Jennifer Wood

The 8 Basic Principles:
Trust the benevolence of life.  It is designed to carry us through the journey of spiritual development.
Embrace your challenges.  Every difficulty we encounter is meant to help us towards greater embodiment of our spirit, ie:  heaven on earth.


Nurture your spirit.  There are clues and practices to help us found in many spiritual traditions.
Create Rituals.  Rituals using sound and movement help us to powerfully and gently embody  new patterns of being.
Be your own priest(ess).  The old model of needing a structured religion with a priest or guru to initiate us is falling away.
Do-overs work.  We can retroactively initiate ourselves through levels we might have missed.
 Follow your bliss.  We can create initiation rituals that nourish our souls   and spirits in our own delightfully unique ways guided by what gives us   pleasure, passion, and purpose.
Fractals happen.  Many levels of growth and initiation are often happening simultaneously as part of the holographic nature of the universe.


In these initiations, we will explore phases of embodiment that correspond to the 8 directions in the Medicine Wheel and the 8 Chakras.  We will create self-sourced individualized initiations that will help you re-program your life, stepping into greater ease, joy, and freedom.  


East: Root Chakra, Birth, the roots of the tree, Discovering and embracing our purpose, feeling our oneness with all
South-east:  Navel Chakra, Creativity, Sacred Relationship, Sexuality, Sap  rising in the tree, Communion with the divine in others, accepting responsability
South:  Solar Plexus Chakra, Power center, the strong trunk of the tree from which the branches can grow, rites of passage into adulthood

 South-west:  Heart Chakra, Love, Branching out from the center, Balancing love of self and love of others, Marriage, Child bearing, passage into parenthood and caring for others

West:  Throat Chakra, Leadership, Forgiveness of self and others,
compassion for self and others
North-west:  Third Eye, Insight, Offering our gifts and wisdom to the world


North:  Crown Chakra, Death, letting go of the past, living in the moment

North-east:  8th Chakra, Understanding archetypal ancestral karmic patterns,
Working with dreams, Calling our spirit in from other realms and dimensions
We will use a variety of modalities including:
  • Authentic Movement Meditation mp3s and videos

  • Artistic Creation prompts

  • Mantra and sound healing mp3s and videos

  • Journaling prompts

  • Nature contemplation meditation mp3s and videos

  • Herbal Medicine Instructional videos

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We will integrate these practices into everyday life whenever possible so that every moment can become part of your transformation.
You can explore these modules at your own pace and preferred intensity level, customizing the whole program to meet your lifestyle needs.
Cost of the Sonic Embodiment Rites program:  $108
Or you can get the whole course included in a 1 year membership in the Heavenly Bodies Seminary which also includes:
All for the introductory rate of $360


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